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2. Resale: The products in our merchandise shop aren't meant to be bought for reselling purposes only. If you're interested in reselling the items, please contact me at info@superpoownie.com so we can work something out.

3. Accuracy of information: You agree and admit to providing complete and accurate information for purchases you make from the Superpoownie website.

4. Shipping: Shipping & packaging costs €5 within Holland. Shipping will cost more to Europe and internationally. If you're not from the Netherlands, please let me know where you're from in your ordering e-mail. Shipping will be be done within 2 weeks of receiving your payment. If you've paid but haven't received anything yet by the two week mark, please contact me. Late shipping, for example due to running out of stock and having to re-order (if this is the case, you will be informed and an estimate sending date will be provided), may occur and no restitutions will be given.

5. Changing of content: Iris van Blijderveen Design retains the right to change the Superpoownie website at any given time without prior warning. Merchandise may go up or down in price with no prior warning. However, if you've already received a bill with the old price, it's the billed price that counts and not the one on the website. These Terms of Use may also change at any given moment, however, if you have received your bill at the time of the old Terms of Use, the old terms will apply (for example with shipping costs).

6. Payment: Payment can be made through Dutch bank (or internationally through IBAN / BIC) or paypal. Please notify your method of payment in your ordering e-mail.

7. Returns & exchanges: No restitution will be given and no returns will be taken for any orders made in the webshop. Not unless you can reasonably prove that something is wrong with the item you ordered (a different size, etc). In all cases where Superpoownie sent you the proper, ordered item, there are no refunds or returns taken. The moment your money is received, the package will be sent and it is your own responsibility to order the correct size. However, if you have accidentally ordered a wrong size or other such errors, you may return the package and we'll send you a new one. Please note that the additional shipping costs - both from you to me AND from me to you! - will be completely for you to pay in the event of exchanges! These extra costs must be paid up front, before you return the package. Superpoownie retains the right to refuse returns and exchanges in the event that the correct, ordered item has been sent.

8. Export laws & limitations: When ordering out of the Netherlands, you agree to pay whatever additional import taxes your country requires for you to pay. You accept that it is your own responsibility to research whether and how high these import taxes may be and accept to pay them.

9. Privacy & data received from you: The address and personal information you provide will not be used for any other purpose than to bill you properly and complete your order. Your data will NOT be sent or shared with any third parties. Your e-mail addres will be added to the Superpoownie mailing list, unless you object to this in writing: If you do not wish to be added to the Superpoownie mailing list, where new products and other breaking news will be shared, please explicitely state this in your first and/or ordering e-mail! To be removed from the Superpoownie mailing list, please send an e-mail to info@superpoownie.com.

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